“The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit for doing them.” — Benjamin Jowett

“The role of the director is to create a space where the actors and actresses can become more than they’ve ever been before, more than they’ve dreamed of being.” — Robert Altman, Oscar acceptance speech

“What creates trust, in the end, is the leader’s manifest respect for the followers.” — Jim O’Toole, Leading Change

“The best thing a leader can do for a Great Group is to allow its members to discover their greatness.” — Warren Bennis and Patricia Ward Biederman, Organizing Genius

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” — Elbert Hubbard

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” — Napoleon

“The four most important words in any organization are, ‘What do you think?’” — Dave Wheeler

“Reward excellent failures. Punish mediocre successes.” — Phil Daniels, Sydney Executive

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams

“You have to treat your employees like customers.” — Herb Kelleher

“Create a ’cause,’ not a business.” — Gary Hamel

“Leaders don’t just make products and make decisions. Leaders make meaning.” —  John Seely Brown

“Beware of the tyranny of making small changes to small things. Rather, make big changes to big things.” — Roger Enrico former Chairman, Pepsico

“If I had any epitaph that I would rather have more than any other, it would be to say that I had … disturbed the sleep of my generation.” — Adlai Stevenson

“The unique role of leaders is to take us on journeys to places we have never been before.” — Posner and Nanus in The Leadership Challenge

“The one who influences others to lead is a leader without limitations.” — John Maxwell

“In order to be a leader at any level in an organization, a person must be a teacher. Simply put, if you aren’t teaching, you aren’t leading.” — Noel Tichy

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” — John Maxwell

“A leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire situation and yells, “Wrong jungle!” — Stephen Covey

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” — Max de Pree

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” — Vince Lombardi

“The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.” — Steve Jobs

“The job of leaders is not to do the work of those they lead, but to serve as Chief Energy Officer — to free and fuel us to bring the best of ourselves to work every day.” – Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project

“Being a leader, you can’t just be an introvert. People want to know that they can emotionally connect with you — that you’re, in some deep way, going on a journey with them and that you recognize them.” –Paul Maritz, president and CEO of VMware

“People don’t judge you on the basis of your mistakes–they judge you on the manner in which you own up to them.” — Jason Fried, co-founder 37 Signals, in Inc.

“Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity. You’ll avoid the tough decisions, you’ll avoid confronting the people who need to be confronted and you’ll avoid offering differential rewards based on differential performance because some people might get upset.” — Colin Powell

“Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.” — Colin Powell