Customer Service

“Mandarin style service consists of a ‘thousand little details.’” — Wolfgang Hultner FC 9.06

In a Bain & Co. research project covering 362 companies, they found that while 80% of those companies believed they provided a “superior experience” for their customers, only 8% of customers felt the same.

“We believe that smart companies will discover that good customer service actually costs less.” — James Womack FC 1.06

‘The average customer who has a problem with an organization tells 9 or 10 people about it. And thirteen percent tell more than 20 people.” – TARP study

“Ninety-five percent of senior business leaders say that customer service is the next competitive battleground.” –

“Every time a customer comes in contact with your company you have an opportunity to create value.” – Tom Connellan

“Eighty percent of customer problems are caused by bad systems, not bad people.” – John Goodman

“Customer service isn’t about smiles and being nice, it’s about vision, systems, training and creating a magical moment for each and every guest.” – John DiJulius III