Looking for the Perfect Quote?

Working on a talk for work? Trying to put the finishing touches on a paper? Or just in need of some inspiration/motivation? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place!

For years I’ve wrestled with where to collect the quotes I need (or might need) for the talks I’m developing in my work with owners and CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses. Then one day it hit me that the structure of a WordPress website would be perfect for collecting these quotes–and the result of that thought is what you’re about to read.

But before you jump in, I want to publicly thank Tom Peters for the inspiration behind making these quotes public, rather than private. For years, Tom has made the slides from his presentations to his corporate clients available to everyone on the planet for free (even though his clients clearly don’t get him for free :-). And for years, I’ve frequently read through his slides when I was trying to find that one perfect quote for one of my presentations. So, to Tom, thank you for sharing so generously!

And now it’s all about you and your journey. May the quotes that follow inspire the best in you and in those you seek to influence!

To your accelerated success!

Bruce D. Johnson, President
Wired To Grow
(A business growth coaching, consulting and executive education firm)

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P.P.S. If you have children, in the teen years and above, you’ll also want to check out my website, The Johnson Letters (www.TheJohnsonLetters.com). It’s a series of life lessons I’m passing along to my two daughters (pictured in the frame above), their families, my nieces and nephews and others that I hope will also inspire you and your loved ones. Enjoy!

P.P.S.S. Several people have asked about contributing quotes to this site. In light of that, let me say, “Feel free to send any quotes you think would be great quotes to me by clicking here >> . Now, there’s no guarantee I’ll post them, but I will read them. And if they pass the test of, “Would I use this quote in a talk I’m paid for?” then I’ll add it/them to this collection.